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Essential oils are able to produce the desired result quicker than herbs. And I even post pictures of myself using essential oils on Facebook. If you've got a blog, make a landing page for your oils and let people know about it. Just be safe… read this article to learn how to safely use oils with children. Tea is a consumable, and OolaTea is certified organic tea specifically formulated to be infused with your favorite essential oils to provide you with a healthy option for your daily routine.

You can also earn by growing a team and the Young Living compensation plan offers a tremendous opportunity for those with the commitment to grow their business. Buy a Premium Starter Kit from the person you want to train you. Truthfully, I was skeptical that aromatherapy, or essential oils to help us "relax," would balance my mood.

For Young Living Essential Oils and Beautycounter, most of us independent distributors and consultants do not start the journey with sales in mind; however, passion is contagious. After using and loving the products, the business naturally followed. All that's required at Young Living is that you love the oils and let others know how they've helped you.

Some of the people on my team are also earning an abundance paycheck, just by helping others. As you begin to discover the benefits of Young Living products, you will be able to enthusiastically educate others about how they can maintain a healthy lifestyle using the products.

3) You can start a blog and make a landing page that explains why you love oils and how they can join you in spreading the word. I'm also buying toothpaste, shampoo, soap, cleaning products - there are so many great Young Living products that fit in our clean living lifestyle.

I'm huge on using oils safely and learning from a place that isn't connected Young Living to any one company. People could see me looking and feeling happier, healthier and more radiant as a direct result of using Young Living essential oils and essential oil based products.

This is a great way to build your team and cover the costs of the Young Living products you enjoy each month. Like most of the best MLM companies , Young Living started out as a real brick and mortar business. Achieve leadership ranks and get shares of 6% monthly commissionable sales made by the company.

Watch this webinar to learn more about the Oola and Young Living collaboration an how to use the INFUSED 7 oils as you work towards living the life you dream of and deserve, your OolaLife. Overall, it was a pretty good deal to get to start out with a good variety of oils.

I didn't say the quality of Young Living essential oils and the ones sold at Walmart are the same. Saying that YL is the ONLY decent company and the only oils that work is just a lie, plain and simple. Every other company I researched goes through some kind of an 'œoil broker' to buy their oils.

Also, there's no monthly requirement with Young Living so there's no pressure put on anyone to buy products, or to promote them if you don't wish. They also have never had to go on antibiotics for a secondary infection, so I believe that the essential oils help to bolster immunity so that your body helps to fight off disease more effectively.

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